Angel Eyes Gone Rouge

I began with the intention of a very sweet, demure, airy, ethereal angel look, and ended up with a sultry 80’s “video girl” eye vibe. But these things happen. I had to bring in a my SonnyAngels strawberry as a prop to bring some cheer to the photo. I’m kind of all about a good prop.

ginj. aangel

I don’t hate how it turned out, but absolutely not what I had intended. Back to the drawing board.


*All shadow is Makeup Revolution London – Iconic 1 Redemption Palette & Essential Mattes Redemption Palette

In the name of Mars…


This is never NOT hilarious to me when I see it. That sassy finger point with the curled finger. Woof. Hell hath no fury like Rei Hino.

So while Mars isn’t my ALL time fave Sailor Scout, I do love her madly and was inspired by her transformation sequence for my look today. I also  really wanted to try out gold glitter on red lips. The time was right.

So those lips by @missjazminad (on instagram) along with a couple red shadow looks I found from gawking on pinterest….


Resulted in the following ~

rei 2


Swatches are ONLY of colors I wore with this look, and are listed below

rei makeup

I was over the moon with how the look turned out. I encourage everyone to use their blush as eyeshadows and their eye pencils as lip glitter. Just make sure you clean them first. And afterwards. (Obviously).




<3  B.


Neapolitan by Stila

I used the second Stila trio I got from Marshall’s today, Neapolitan, and I am loving this peachy~pink shade.


As someone who has a lot of red in their eyes (and skin, and hair) I stay away from pink shades in fear that I’ll look like a demon vampire. And I even LIKE demon vampires, I aspire to look like a vampire a good amount of the days, I just personally don’t look as a cute as a demon vampire. I’ll show you some day. Anyways, this color was a winner.

IMG_3218 (1)IMG_3221IMG_3223

Cute eyeballs.

Lips:Milani-Matte Naked (61)

Blush: wet n wild-The Princess Daiquiries (316B)

Highlighter: Makeup Revolution-Radiant Lights

Liner: Physicians Formula-Brown Eyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio




Rocky Road Stila Trio


First of all, it is news to me that Rocky Road, the actual confectionary treat,(I was only familiar with the icecream), is seemingly loaded with pink marshmallows. It’s freaking cute. I want to bite into a giant pink chocolate covered marshmallow.


Yum, right? So below is the palette, my swatches, and a close up of my eyeball with these babies in action.


All the shadows were butter soft, and the glitter wasn’t too ‘GLITTER’, more of a subtle sparkle and color pay off. The purple/brown shade was killer for the outer v, but I could have used a little more pigment in the lighter pink shade since I enjoy channeling pixie-nymph-princess into my everyday look. However if you’re not about that pnp life, it’s a perfectly suitable inner corner highlight.

So more pictures, yes? I also used the Stila blush which I adored. It blended like a dream and made my cheeks looked like strawberry bon-bons, which is basically my goal everyday with blush.


I think it made for a really sweet, subdued eye look. I ended up putting Nyx Siren on for my lip and changing my shirt because I spilt coffee on myself like a breakfast champ.

So there we go. I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for quality highend makeup for hella cheap prices.

Stila Steals at Marshall’s


An exceptionally rare find at Marshall’s for my first post, I felt like I had to quickly shove these into my arms in case some other shopper realized the makeup treasure that lay in front of me. Stila Trio’s! For $5.99! At Marshall’s! Hell yes. But wait…there was more…

Blush! Highlighter! Obviously I had to bring most of them home with me.



How freaking cute and NICE is that packaging? I’ll do swatches tomorrow, I’m thinking of doing an eye look with the Rocky Road Eye Shadow trio (the green trio). Check out your local Marshall’s to see if you find any scores, I’d love to hear about them! -B.